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I'm interested in cosmologies, ancient & contemporary, in math & science & mysterious phenomena, in the hubris of human artifice in the middle of an unknowable universe (for example, our need to name stars and create outlines around things is so great that we set up an official institution for that purpose). I'm curious about the line that leads from the shoebill stork to the P.E.A.R. Lab to the ring of debris building up in Earth's orbit.

artist statement

Some projects I'm involved in:
Meekling Press: A small art book publisher that I co-founded in 2012.
Rebapaper: Etsy store for my letterpress & papercrafts.
Ellvis: A mysterious entity entity originating in the quantum potential that existed before the Big Bang. (Performance duo with Nicholas Davis)

Some of my writing that's been published online:
Mysterium Cosmographicum,” an instructional essay on the construction of paper polyhedra and the secrets of the universe, at Pioneertown
Perfect Numbers,” an essay about Pythagoras’s daughter, Damo, and also “Not Sound but Water,” a story about California both in Gravel Magazine
The Whale King’s Diary,” an account of the Whale King’s travels around the Earth’s oceans, in Projecttile
A bunch of poems in the UCity Review
Two science experiments, in Diagram
A plaque at the foot of the Lenin statue in Fremont, Seattle


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This is me, laughing at some paper.